Community Partners

Community Partners

AUGUST | PARL Partner Monthly Feature | Wallace Graphics!

Building solid relationships with local businesses and organizations is important to PARL.We're grateful for the support we receive and do our best to share their philanthropic efforts to our supporters." Each month, we get up close and personal and feature one of our community partners. It's one of our ways of saying thank you. This month it's Jen Wallace of Wallace Graphics.

Thanks for talking with us today, Jen. We're grateful for everything that you do for PARL, from designing ads to photographing our events. Your support with event promotion has been invaluable to us. We'd love to know more about your newest venture, Wallace Graphics. Why don't you introduce yourself to our supporters?

My name is Jen Wallace and I’m the owner and principal graphic designer at Wallace Graphics. I specialize in print media such as ads, brochures, magazine layouts, logos and more. I also work at the Valley Breeze newspapers.

Why have you chosen to partner with PARL all of these years?

I got involved with helping PARL years ago when I was managing editor at RI Local magazine. We would help out whenever we could with print ads and photographing events. I love all animals and it was a great opportunity to give PARL exposure. Knowing that you could be that one extra hand that helps another pet get adopted, or encourages a new person to volunteer or donate is a great feeling. Although the magazine I worked for is no longer in business, I have had such a great experience through the years with this organization that I continue to help out with fundraising efforts whenever I can.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Definitely a cat person, I have three. My friends often label me “future crazy cat lady”. My cats live better than most people. To say they are spoiled is an understatement. I wish I could save more.

We love a good animal story. Got any?

In 2010 my friend Connie who works at PARL told me they had just gotten some adorable tiger kittens. I decided to go take a look. When I got there I met the cutest, tiniest little kitten I had ever seen in my entire life and her name was “goldfish” (worst name ever). I texted my husband that I wanted to take her home. He was less than pleased. We already had two cats and he thought that was plenty. I took her home anyway. When I let her out of the carrier she went over to my husband climbed up his shoulder and went to sleep. They have been best friends ever since. We renamed her Scout and for the past 6 years she has been an amazing edition to our home and we couldn’t imagine life without her. She makes us laugh everyday with her antics. I wish everyone could experience the happiness a shelter pet can bring to your life.

What impact do you hope Wallace Graphics has on our community?

I feel a personal responsibility to give back to my community. I will continue to support local non-profit organizations such as PARL by providing pro-bono work. For instance, I designed all of the program ads for their signature fundraising event, The Rescue. In-kind sponsorships are a great way for profit businesses such as myself to provide professional services to non-profits. If my graphic design and photography can be utilized to further their mission, then that's a personal and community win in my book.

Ok, let's find out what's important to Jen. Name three things that will accompany you on a deserted island?

Satellite phone, Sun block (I’m extremely pale) and some iced coffee so I have something to drink while I wait for my rescue helicopter.

Anything else you'd like to share with our supporters?

That's an easy one. Support PARL. They have such a long history of doing so much for the animals. They really care about what they are doing. Find a way to help out. Everyone can do something. Adopt, volunteer, donate. Get in touch with them - they love to talk! We can all help to keep things local and our community strong.

About Wallace Graphics

Need design work AND love animals? This is the place for you. Visit and support a local business that knows and understands the value of community. Check out her design samples at Wallace Graphics. She totally rocks.

PARL's Community Partners!

Hill's Science Diet

We are proud to announce that PARL has partnered with Hill's Science Diet and will be feeding all of our shelter cats and dogs their high quality food. In addition, Hill's will also be giving a coupon for our cat and dog adopters. Thanks Hill's!

Would You Like to Be a Community Partner?

There are many opportunities for your company to enhance community visibility and brand positioning by partnering with the Providence Animal Rescue League. If you would like to learn more about how your business can join PARL in serving people and animals, contact Connie at 401.421.1399 or