Betsy's Fund

Betsy's Fund

By giving to Betsy’s Fund you have the opportunity to help give a second chance to hundreds of dogs and cats who require medical care, surgery and other treatment before they can be adopted.

About Betsy's Fund

At PARL, we believe that every animal deserves the best chance we can give them for a long and happy life. Sometimes animals brought to us require critical medical care beyond our daily resources. In response to this need, PARL created Betsy's Fund.

This fund provides veterinary extra care to adoptable animals in need. This may include medications, surgery, and treatment that would otherwise be outside of the scope of regular medical care provided at PARL. By giving to Betsy's Fund, you have the opportunity to give a second chance to animals who require medical care, surgery and other treatment before they can be adopted.

Robin’s Story

Robin was surrendered to PARL in September 2018, obviously both very young and pregnant. A call was shortly made to one of our valued foster families, who took Robin into their home, where she eventually delivered seven healthy babies. Robin was a natural mom! While still in foster care, Robin and her brood even made several weekend outings with their foster family to participate in our popular Yoga with Kittens Fundraisers at Breathing Time Yoga. Robin and her kittens were the perfect house guests.

The first weekend in December when the kittens were scheduled to come back to us here at PARL to await adoption, Robin’s foster family noticed that Robin wasn’t herself. When she began vomiting, they knew something needed to be done. Robin was rushed to Ocean State Veterinary Specialists, where it was discovered that she had developed an intussusception, resulting in her intestines telescoping into themselves.

Robin immediately underwent emergency surgery to remove a portion of her intestines before returning to us here at PARL for her recovery. Always the fearless little warrior, Robin is back to herself and eating like a champ! Robin’s kittens have all been adopted this week and soon it will be Robin’s turn to find her forever home. While with her foster family, Robin charmed everyone she met so it’s quite possible that she already has an adopter waiting in the wings. .

By giving to Betsy's Fund, you'll be helping animals like Robin receive a second chance at a happy, healthy life!