Please check out the below resources that may help you keep or rehome your pet, including low-cost vet care information and possible solutions to common pet-related problems. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call 401.421.1399 to speak to a member of the PARL staff. We are always more than happy to offer advice or referrals!

PARL Community Services

Afforable Spay & Neuter
Vaccinations & Microchipping
Pet Food Pantry

Veterinary Services

In need of lower cost vet services? Click here for information regarding local clinics that may be able to see your pet, as well as options for financial assistance.

Low-cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics

Low-cost VIP Petcare Clinics

Rehome On Your Own

If you have determined that it is not best for you to keep your pet, then we encourage you to try to responsibly rehome him or her yourself. You know your pet best and will be better at finding a home that matches his or her personality. Check out the following links that can help guide you through the process. and Rehome - rehoming websites that connect pet owners needing to give up a pet with potential adopters.


My Pit Bull is Family - offers assistance in finding housing that will allow all types of dogs.