Rolo & Ryou - Adopted!

Rolo & Ryou - Adopted!

Hi! I'm Rolo and this is my wife Ryou. We're a sweet pair looking for a home together! (No worries, we've settled down and stopped having children and I was neutered so that I could stay with my lovely wife). So if you're looking for a dynamic due, look no further!

Rolo and Ryou are Parl Pals

Rolo & Ryou - Adopted! is a part of our Special Adoptions program “PARL Pals”
Some animals, like people, just belong together. PARL Pals are pets that may have lived together all of their lives or maybe they just bonded during their stay at our shelter. Either way, we just can’t bear to see them separated! It’s our hope that a special adopter will feel the same way as we do and adopt them together. To make the deal even sweeter, we’ve made their adoption fees a 2-for-1 deal!

Take Me Home… I'm Adoptable!

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