Spay/Neuter Program at PARL

PARL’s Affordable Spay/Neuter Packages just got even BETTER! Now both our Basic & Plus Cat Surgery Packages include the application of AdvantageMulti, a 30-day topical treatment which controls fleas, roundworms, hookworms, and earmites. The Cat Plus Package and all Dog surgeries now also include Microchipping and registration. We can’t stress the importance of microchips enough, and hope that by including this for our surgery clients, that it will help more pets stay in their homes or be re-united with their owners in the unfortunate event of ever being separated from them.

We want to make Spay/Neuter as accessible and affordable as possible. We generally have public surgery appointments available 4 days a week. Cat & Dog surgery appointments include one year basic vaccinations at no additional charge. For additional services available, along with fees, please click below.

Services & Fees for Cats
(Please note, our cat day has moved to Thursdays most weeks.)
Services & Fees for Dogs
Services & Fees for Rabbits

Scheduling Appointments & Payment

Appointments are required for all animals having surgery here at the Providence Animal Rescue League. They can be made Monday-Friday from 9-2 by calling 421-1399 x213. Payment is also due at the time of booking the appointment. This can be done over the phone with any type of credit or debit card. A receipt will be available to you on the day of your appointment or mailed upon request. If you need to come in person to make a payment/schedule an appointment, this can be done Tuesday-Friday from 11-2 at 34 Elbow Street. If paying in person, the payment can be in the form of cash, check, or charge.

Post-Operative Care for Cats
Post-Operative Care for Dogs
Post-Operative Care for Rabbits

Special Programs

Once is Enough! Spay Me Program

We all know that there are more dogs and cats out there than homes. To help battle the overpopulation problem PARL offers a FREE spay program. We will spay the mother of the litter for FREE when the kittens or puppies are surrendered to the shelter. For more information about this program call (401) 421-1399 x213.

Reduced Pitbull Spay/Neuter Pricing $100

While we believe that all dogs are created equal, there is no denying the abundance of pit bull type dogs found in shelters throughout Rhode Island, and also the country.

  • To receive a reduced cost spay/neuter surgery appointment, your dog must be a pit bull or primarily a pit pull mix.
  • You must be receiving state or federal needs-based financial assistance, such as food stamps, disability or unemployment.